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Random Styles ~?
Sketches from Mel
I wanted to apologize for not updating this at all lately.

News: The Pokemon D/P trainer blog crew is closed. >< sorry, I prolly won't be going on this journal anymore...

My other account is myris_ , with my occasional rantings. My deviantart must be asked for, and my fanfiction.net account is here.

Anyway, I'll be removing everyone I've added on here, and you guys who watch me should do the same. :)

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Hi everyone!

Some of you might know me as myris from DA, or on my other LJ . I'd like to say a few things before I start posting my sketches.

I really enjoy sketching, even more so than coloring something. I hope that everyone will like my sketches and comment. ^_^ But here's the thing. I really don't want any crits or flames, as these are ONLY sketches. You can comment if you want without joining LJ. I don't mind, as long as the comment isn't rude. I will not be watermarking these sketches, unless if I have to, so please do not steal them and put lineart/etc. These are going to be Pokemon sketches, but there will be some originals.

Anyway, I have started posting pics. Sketches will be on paper, or sometimes computer, and might be WIPs or just for fun.

^_^ Thanks for reading!

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Okay, so, I've been snooping around and I've seen some blog crews -n- stuffs. SO, I wanted to make my a blog crew for the Pokemon Diamond/Pearl trainers! Yeah, I know, this is my sketchlog, but my other LJ is for personal use. I'd like to make this epic and try to fill up the trainers.Though, however, if by any...possible?...chance I do fill up the trainers, I will add on the other trainers from other games, I guess.

But here are some things about this. (PLEASE READ!!)

This technically isn't a "claim community", not just because this LJ isn't a community. It's more of a "Crew" where you actually ARE the character, in a sense. Don't use the term "I Claim" because this isn't a claim community, like I said. Just say "I snag" or "I wanna be" :P I don't really care, anything but "I Claim".

Either way, this counts for EVERY D/P trainer, to make it fair. From the Champion to the youngsters and lasses! Yes, I know there's mulitple trainers for youngsters, lasses, rich boys, etc. But Dawn and Lucas are included in this too, and they are considered, obviously, "Playable Characters", meaning you can change their names, etc, so why not include the trainers you battle in-game?

If you do choose a lass, etc, only ONE person can be considered that kind of trainer. Sorry if it seems unfair, because I'm trying to be as fair as possible with this. :/ And that rule applies to other trainers as well. Only ONE person may be one. If you see a trainer you wanted to be, please don't complain and say to them, "damn you I wanted to be that trainer!!". Show common courtesy, and think of another character you like. And remember, if all the D/P spots fill up... I will open R/S and FR/LG.

Here are all the taken trainers:

Mars - marshkitten  
Maylene - myris_   /hidden_logic  
Roark - gardenofsnow 
Lucian - sojaro
Gardenia - eternaflorist
Dawn - arceus
Rival - kazzisato
Lucas - alielle_reyle
Byron - torterracafe
Volkner - fataldestiny
Lass - blackquatre
Cynthia - lineaalba
Crasher Wake - vycksta
Candice - onlyforyou
Aaron - kasumialchemist


I reserve Maylene for myself :D

Here's the code for putting this in your LJ profile! Feel free to modify it for your profile however you please. :D

anyways, have fun, and shamelessly advertise this! :D



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ACCEPT JESUS AND WIN A FREE IPOD. ...Don't ask why I decided to doodle that. And...

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for featherclaw . Used to be on poke_arts but then I figured she probably didn't want it posted on there, and also another reason I won't state because people are just so fucking stupid.

I don't try to be mean, and goddamn, I don't spaz over things as much as others do. I said what I said in a calm manner. But apparently, she had to be a smart ass about it.

No, really. I expect better from someone who's older than me. It's not my fault you have a lack of sentence structure.

Anyway, this isn't counted in the art trade, featherclaw. Iunno, I'd rather redraw her in my style.

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I hate the Pokémon fandom. Why the hell do I even bother getting into it?

There's always elitists, morons, superficial assholes, and people who do too much faggotry. Actually, every fandom is like that. Kind of sucks that it's like that, but Pokémon is BY FAR the worst.

I like Pokémon a lot. It has a lot of meaning to me. I grew up on it. I play the games, I'll write the occasional fanfic, and I'll draw fanart(because the characters are awesome IMO). I'm just so sick of trying to be part of the fandom because 99% of them are morons and/or assholes.

I'm just gonna start lying low in the fandom as gradually as I can, then finally just get out of it. I need to get into something else anyway. Like my original stories, or another series. Pokémon fandom just pisses me off, and even if only a few people would agree with me, face it. It sucks. I'm not saying I'm not proud to like Pokemon. Hell, I even wore a Jigglypuff shirt to school a few times. I am proud. There's just something about the fandom which makes me want to rip my hair out in rage.

...so yeah. There's my rant. :)

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and I didn't even mean to! I was trying to do a cute thing and yeah. ): LIke brother/sister. lololol fail.

here's the more [politically] correct picture:

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...ok, fine, it's a WIP. It's why I don't like doing realistic things often or even semi-realistic. I started this last week(before exams, lol. No wonder I did so bad on my French exam) and yeap.


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X-posted from my other LJ.
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You can read his bio on my other LJ, myris_
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